10 Gift Ideas For Your Vegan Valentine

10 Gift Ideas For Your Vegan Valentine
Savvy Maria

Savvy Maria

A teacher living in Cyprus trying to spread the vegan message and make the world a better place for human and non-human animals. Nutrition enthusiast, vegan foodie, panda obsessed & crazy dog lover
Savvy Maria

Choose Love Every Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and while this is an awesome opportunity to celebrate your love and do something special, you should always strive to show your affection and appreciation every single day. 

Valentine’s is primarily considered a consumerist holiday. So, If you do decide to exchange gifts, why not support ethical products and brands? After all, your dollar is your vote! 

If you are struggling with coming up with a cool gift, here are 10 gift ideas for your vegan valentine! 


vegan valentine


10 Gift Ideas For Your Vegan Valentine

This guide contains plenty of gift ideas for your vegan valentine! I have tried to include a variety of products so you can always find something that matches your vegan valentine’s personality and fits your budget!


Let’s start with the obvious! Chocolate is the most affordable and literally the sweetest gift! I’ve never met a person in my entire life that didn’t like chocolate! Fortunately, chocolate and valentine’s day go hand in hand! 

My absolute favorite vegan chocolate brand is Booja Booja. They have an amazing collection of chocolate truffles that are beautifully packaged, rich in flavor and texture, organic, as well as gluten & soy free. A quality, vegan-certified product at a very low price!


Booja Booja           Booja Booja 2


Snack Boxes

There is nothing better than opening a box and finding numerous items inside! Especially if every item is food! Every product is like a little surprise! Plus, it feels like you’ve just received multiple gifts instead of just one! 

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My favorite vegan snack box is The Ultimate Vegan Snack Attack by The Vegan Kind. There are 14 items in each box which is crazy, considering it’s sold at such a low price! 

The Vegan Kind is a 100% vegan company and they can include a gift message in the box!

The vegan Kind           The vegan Kind 2

Sweets Hamper Boxes

Sweet tooth vegans I’ve got you covered! I’ve literally discovered the sweetest valentine’s gift ever! How adorable is it to give a sweets hamper box to your vegan valentine?

Strawberry Laces has a wide range of vegan sweets. The Vegan Sweet Hamper Box has a vintage feel to it and includes 6 bags of different flavored sweets.

The vegan sweet hamper box           The vegan sweet hamper box


Coffee Gift Set

This is the perfect gift for all vegan valentine coffee lovers! A slick coffee set is a truly cool and unique gift idea for your partners who just can’t cope without their morning coffee!

This Coffee Gift Set with titanium-plated pour over coffee maker by This Box Rocks is ideal! It comes with a bag of gourmet Colombian coffee, and a measuring spoon that doubles as a clip to keep the grind well-fresh.

Items come hand-wrapped in black tissue paper, packaged in a high-quality gift box that reads, ‘Abracadabra, You Are Now a Morning Person!’ 

Did I mention it’s fair trade and ethically sourced?

coffee gift set          Coffee gift set 2

Planner Calendar Organizer

What can be more useful than a planner? Get your daily schedule organized while spreading the vegan message? Sign me up please! A very inexpensive product but nonetheless a unique idea for a gift to your vegan valentine!

I would go for something with a strong vegan message. Like this hand-designed Vegan AF 2018 planner by Nifty Notebooks. It doubles as a planner organizer and journal with inspirational quotes and To Do lists.


Vegan AF organizer          Vegan AF organizer


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Personalized Novelty Gifts

Personalized gifts are always a great idea for any occasion! They really show that you have put a lot of thought and effort into it. The best thing about novelty gifts is that they are most often incredibly inexpensive so you can even spare to get a few of them instead of just one!

I really love this Vegan By Day Mouse Pad by Coralgraph Inc. It’s fun, its quirky, and it literally costs less than 5 euros! It is premium quality with anti-slip rubber backing and a vibrant print that will not faint!

A great valentine’s day gift for the vegan cat lover in your life! You can top it up with a funny mug just like DottsMusic I’m Vegan.

          vegan mug



We should change the popular say to ‘The way to a vegan’s heart, is through his/her stomach.’ As a group we tend to be obsessed with food! No? Just me? Nah…

There is no better gift to give to a vegan than an awesome plant based cookbook! Trying new recipes and experimenting with plant ingredients is something that most vegans really enjoy! Especially since the end result is usually soooo good!

I recommend the brand new Vegan 100 by Gaz Oakley aka @avantgardevegan who besides being an amazing chef, is also an awesome vegan advocate!

Vegan 100          Vegan 100


Scented Candles

Nothing says romance more than scented candles! The ideal gift for a relaxing valentine’s night! Dinner and wine by candlelight. Yup, that’s sounds like a plan! Your valentine’s day plans just got grander!

This soy-based Scented Candles Gift Set by Anjou Aroma are beautifully packaged and are guaranteed to make your partner melt! They are made from biodegradable, natural ingredients. Light the scented candles to set the ambiance for this romantic occasion.

Each set contains four candles with different scents namely pear and freesia, blackberry and bay, orange and peppermint and soft blanket.

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scented candles           Scented candles


Humorous Gifts

Studies have shown that humor is one of the top attributes we search for in a partner. So why not have a bit of a giggle on valentine’s day? Love and laughter go hand in hand!

I personally love this fun Romantic Walks handbag by Finest Prints! It’s clever and fun and valentine’s day should definitely be fun! They also have plenty of other designs so you can choose whichever one matches your partner’s personality! These handbags are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and 100% natural! Aka the perfect gift for your environmentally conscious, vegan valentine!

handbag          handbag

Bath Soaps

There is nothing better tham a long relaxing bath at the end of a hard day! That’s why bath soap are a great gift for your vegan valentine! They are romantic, thoughtful and inexpensive. Give your vegan valentine the gift of relaxation! They need that peace of mind to keep fighting for the animals! ♥

Purple is my favorite color so I fell in love with this Plant Essential Oil Soap Gift Box by Takefuns. Everything is cruelty free and purely handmade with natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients. The essential oils help to balance body and mind and leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed! Definitely a winner! 

Bath soaps          Plant Essential Oil Soap


Happy Vegan Valentine’s Day ♥

I really hope you enjoyed this article and found the gift ideas useful! It was all fun and games for a change! Remember to always express your love every day and not just on Valentine’s day!

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