Breaking: Vegan Advert Receives Green Light By The ASA

Breaking: Vegan Advert Receives Green Light By The ASA

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Clearing by the ASA

According to the BBC, advert by UK vegan activist group Go Vegan World has received the green light by the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA).

Despite complaints by several dairy industry representatives, the ASA concluded that the newspaper national vegan advert was “unlikely to materially mislead readers”. The ASA has characterized the language used in the vegan advert as ’emotional and hard-hitting’.

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Humane Milk Is A Myth

The UK national, vegan advert by Go Vegan World features a cow behind barbed wire and the line ‘ Humane milk is a myth. Don’t buy it.’ The ad wants to enlighten the public as to the cruelty that hides behind dairy products. The abuse, confinement and continuous insemination, as well as the separation of the new born calves from their mothers.

∗Should you wish to read more on the ethical implications of dairy consumption follow the highlighted link.

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There have been complaints suggesting that the vegan advert was misleading. The ASA noted that although the advert might be implying that several dairy farms do not comply with UK animal welfare standards, it nonetheless reflects the reality of the situation and should therefore not be censored.

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