Dairy Supplier Shuts Down 3 Plants Due To 22% Drop In Sales

Dairy Supplier Shuts Down 3 Plants Due To 22% Drop In Sales

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Dairy Supplier Shuts Down 3 Plants Due To 22% Drop In Sales

Murray Goulburn, Australia’s biggest dairy producer and supplier, has announced the shut down of three plants. After an unexpected 22% drop in sales and a loss of $370.8 million, it was the only viable options.

In a statement to the Australian stock exchange the dairy company’s representatives proclaimed that “MG has experienced a difficult year as a result of the significant reduction in milk intake and adverse seasonal conditions.”

Unprecedented Decrease In Dairy Consumption

The Australian dairy company has discontinued their infant formula line after a steady decline in sales. Despite the dairy industry’s efforts to boycott plant-based milks, people seem unfazed and continue to seek for vegan alternatives.

Because of concerns of severe environmental impact, some California-based dairy farmers have even converted their land to almond groves.

The largest dairy supplier in the United States, Dean Foods, was forced to shut down yet another plant due to the drop in sales.

wide range of plant milks


Plant Milk Sales Continue To Rise

Several scientific studies have confirmed that dairy consumption can have serious negative effects on health. The health aspect along with the negative environmental impact and animal welfare implications have lead to higher demand for plant based alternatives. In fact, Google has named “vegan” the most searched dietary term in 2016.

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Almond sales have reportedly increased by 250% in a 5 year period. Of course almond milk is not the only plant milk available. It is now easier than it has ever been to switch to a plant based diet with a great range of plant products made from soy, hemp, pea, rice, coconut. The options are practically endless.

With so many plant-based alternatives to choose from now, there is absolutely no need for someone to go for the option that has negative health and ethical implications. Veganism is the future!

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