Team Of Designers Launch New International Vegan Flag

Team Of Designers Launch New International Vegan Flag
Savvy Maria

Savvy Maria

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The Idea & Purpose

A team of designers launch the new international vegan flag which aims to promote love towards the animals and the Earth.

The mastermind behind this new vegan flag Gad Hakimi, speaking to Tivonews, explained that he: ‘wanted to create a flag, just as they did with the flag of pride. The idea of ​​the flag will give back and identity to the entire population of vegans’.


The Design

Gad Hakimi formed an open Facebook group called  Vegan Flag Facebook group and with the help of 20 vegan activists designed a flag that describes ‘love for nature as earthlings’. The three colors signify the water, air and land. The V sign is white to signify purity.


It’s Free To Use

The design of the new vegan international flag is free to use and distribute. The true purpose of veganism is to spread the love and so is the purpose of this flag. So feel free attach it to anything you can think of like wrist bands, stickers and so on.

Head over to and find out more!

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Patricia Rabbiosi Arona

Love this beautiful Flag!!! Go Vegan!!