UK Based Company Launches Organic Vegan Recipe Boxes

UK Based Company Launches Organic Vegan Recipe Boxes

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Since Monday (3rd July 2017), UK residents have the opportunity to order 100% organic, plant-based recipe boxes! Plantcurious, delivers the vegan boxes through-out the UK.

The first 100 boxes are available at the price of £35. Included in the box are 3 unique meals for 2 people, consisting of the recipe cards and fresh 100% organic and vegan ingredients.

PlantCurious is a UK based family run business created by husband and wife duo Woj and Angela Gawor.

According to their Press Release, the focus of the company is:

“to help people to discover new flavours, and experiment with new ways of cooking through eating more plants, and at the same time educate our customers on the variety, sustainability, ecology and beauty of a plant-based diet.”

The couple seem to be very friendly, helpful and dedicated to providing only the best for their customers. I had a short chat with co-founder Woj Gawor who told VeggieSavvy: ‘The effect of being vegan on my mind, health and spirit has been so overwhelmingly positive that I’ve been searching for an outlet to encourage more people to experience the same. I hope that they too can feel as good as I do and make the change because I feel like I have been asleep for a big part of my life, Veganism work me up, it jilted me alive.’

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To support this new vegan company, place an order through their website:





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