Best Vegan Comebacks To Meat-Eater Arguments

Best Vegan Comebacks To Meat-Eater Arguments
Savvy Maria

Savvy Maria

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‘But protein tho..’. ‘Plants have feelings too..’. How many times have you heard these and countless other meat-eater arguments as a vegan?


Some of them might be genuine concerns due to the lack of knowledge but most of them are just plain excuses! I mean c’mon! It’s 2018. The truth is out!


People used to be very skeptical when it came to veganism, and it’s mainly because of the myths that have been constructed around the vegan diet. The meat & dairy market is a huge industry, making billions every year by feeding us… well, lies!


Let’s face it. We all grew up with images of happy pigs, cows and chickens on food packets. It’s no wonder we have such a disconnect between what we eat and what we love. We have been socially conditioned to think of some animals as companions and some others as food. But where and why do we draw that arbitrary line? Where does compassion end and cruelty begin? Unfortunately, the level of cognitive dissonance is immense and well embedded into our belief system and moral code.


not a happy cow



With only very few exceptions, we’ve all been born and raised as omnivores so I believe we can all understand why change is difficult. Eating meat was society’s norm. From the education system and the international food pyramid to mainstream media and cultural traditions, we have been, and still are, bombarded with the idea that eating animal products is not just normal, but essential.


The meat and dairy industry have a lot of money riding on keeping people in the dark when it comes to the consumption of animal products. That’s why they have been funding controversial studies to support their bias for years. Who hasn’t come across the infamous Time magazine cover, proclaiming that butter is good for you? The reality is that people love hearing good things about their bad habits. And even though the scientific community agrees that animal products are harmful, the meat and dairy industry has managed to create enough controversy to confuse and manipulate the public.


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Industry funded studies



But the question is, can we continue playing the evil-meat-and-dairy-industry hand in this day in age?  Most of the developed world has access to free information via the internet 24/7. Why do we still allow the industry propaganda to cloud our judgement? Is it really fair or even appropriate to keep playing a victim’s game? Are we not all responsible and should we not be held accountable for our own actions?


If you care about animal rights, the state of this planet, and your own health,  then there really shouldn’t be anything holding you back from embracing a vegan lifestyle. Animals are not ours to eat, wear or experiment on. And as far as personal choice goes..It’s not really personal when your choice involves an innocent victim.


So if we want to be successful vegan advocates, we really need to know our stuff! We should be well informed and ready to pass on that information to people who have not yet been introduced to a vegan lifestyle.


There is no valid, logical argument against veganism so here are the best comebacks for the 5 most common excuses people come up with!


    1. Where do you get your protein?



protein everywhere



From food, I get it from food… I can’t believe that the protein myth is still a thing! It has been debunked a million times and people are still using it against vegans! Usually it’s brought up by people who have no idea what protein is and no concept of what an amino acid profile entails.


Did you know that vegan activist Patrik Baboumian is a strong man that holds numerous lifting world records? All on plants!

Did you also know that many world renowned athletes and body-builders such as Lewis Hamilton, Venus Williams, Scott Jurek, Jermain Defoe and Barny Du Plessis have switched to a plant-based diet because of the amazing health benefits?


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So, if you think that a vegan diet can’t support you going to the gym a few times a week, well, you’d be totally wrong.  


   2. But our cavemen ancestors ate meat.



cavemen tho



Do you know what else they did? They clubbed women and dragged them back to their cave. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t base my moral belief system on that! It’s 2018! Stop using analogies from 100 000 years ago!


As humans we do not possess carnivorous instincts. Do a little experiment: Place a child in crate with a baby chick and an apple. If he eats the chick and plays with the apple, I’ll give you $1000.


Our ancestors resorted to hunting for meat (very rarely were they successful) because they needed calories to get them through the cold winters when plant food was not in season. Tell me, how was that hunting trip to the supermarket today?


    3. Plants have feelings too.



plants have feelings tho



Try butchering a pig and slicing a carrot and let me know which of of them screams in pain and agony.


Plants have no central nervous system, no nerve endings and no brain! Case closed! There is nothing left to discuss!!


And if you are truly worried about plants having feelings, be aware that a lot of the plants produced on this planet are used to feed livestock so essentially if you go vegan, less plants will need to be harvested. Did you know that it takes 16 pounds of grains to produce 1 pound of beef?


Oh and another thing…We currently produce enough plant food to feed 12 billion people. There are currently roughly 8 billion people on this planet. Why do you think that there is still food shortages and famine at certain parts of the world? Yup…You think about that for a second…


  4. I am just one person. If I go vegan nothing will change.



vegan saves



Well if that’s the case, why do you still vote in an election? We have to take matters into our own hands and fight for what we believe is right. As Gandhi once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.


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As humans we possess the ability to feel compassion and empathy. If we let our natural instincts take over, we wouldn’t have so much injustice and suffering in the world.


What can you going vegan do for the world? You will spare the lives of around 400 animals who would have been needlessly murdered every single year. Not to mention save water and other natural resources.


And let’s not forget! When you play for team vegan you will be leading by example and inspiring others to switch to this lifestyle – It’s a domino effect!


  5. But animals eat other animals in the wild



lions tho



First of all, how in the name of God, does your city apartment compare to the wild? Do you live in the jungle? Are you not surrounded by all kinds of different shops? Do you not consciously go into these stores and pick and choose whatever you want?


Have you ever chased after an animal, killed it with your bare hands and ate it semi-alive and uncooked?


I seriously keep wondering where these arguments are coming from! I mean, how can anyone look at themselves in the mirror and feel ‘equipped’ to hunt for food. No claws, no sharp teeth, and slow as a sloth. Yup, we sure are born hunters!


Our only feeling when we see a dead animal on the side of the road is that of disgust and maybe grief. It’s not like we are compelled to walk over and munch on the ready-to-go prey! Dead, rotting flesh…Yeah that’s appetizing…


Never argue with a vegan… You will never win!

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