Delicious Homemade Chocolate Vegan Crepe Recipe [Gluten Free]

Delicious Homemade Chocolate Vegan Crepe Recipe [Gluten Free]
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Savvy Maria

Savvy Maria

A teacher living in Cyprus trying to spread the vegan message and make the world a better place for human and non-human animals. Nutrition enthusiast, vegan foodie, panda obsessed & crazy dog lover
Savvy Maria

Crepes are most people’s favorite dessert. Kids and adults alike go crazy over them! Wouldn’t it be great if you could make them yourself without slaving in the kitchen? And wouldn’t it also be fantastic if you could treat your friends and family to a chocolaty dessert that’s also healthy and gluten free? has you covered! This is the best and most delicious homemade chocolate vegan crepe recipe you could ever get your hands on!

A short and sweet history lesson

The word crêpe is French for pancake. They were originally called ‘galettes’ which means flat cake. Crepes first made their appearance in the 12th century in a northwest region of France called Brittany. They were made with Buckwheat which is an excellent plant based source of fiber and protein and is also gluten free. It was only at the turn of the 20th century that white flour crepes become popular which is when white flour became more affordable.

The French celebrate Crepes day or ‘jour des crêpes’ on February 2nd. Crepes are very popular not only in France but also everywhere in Europe with many different variations and adaptations.

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Fun Fact

Here’s an interesting fact! Did you know that in France, crepes are also used for fortune telling? While making them, some hold a coin in their writing hand and the pan in the other. If they manage to flip and catch the crepe they believe that their family will be prosperous!

Let’s cut to the chase…! 

Ingredients ( 15 crepes):




  • Mix all ingredients together in a bowl
  • Heat an oiled frying pan over medium high heat
  • For each crepe pour approximately 3 tablespoons of batter into pan and make sure it covers the bottom of it
  • Cook for two minutes on the one side and one minute on the other
  • Let it cool slightly and spread the vegan chocolate and sprinkle with crushed almonds
  • Serve with some banana slices



There you go! Didn’t I promise, this would be super easy? None of the fuss or cruelty and all of the great flavors! I can almost guarantee that this is the healthiest, most delicious homemade chocolate vegan crepe recipe you have ever tried! Give it a go and let us know what you think! Maybe you can make your own and send us pictures of the outcome! Enjoy!

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It looks delicious…but is it really the quantities for 15 …?