Vegan Hallumi To Launch In The UK In Mid August

Vegan Hallumi To Launch In The UK In Mid August
Savvy Maria

Savvy Maria

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Savvy Maria

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For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Cypriot and Cypriots love hallumi! Hallumi is a type of Cypriot cheese, even though some people believe it’s Greek or Turkish, that has created a craze all over the world. I, myself used to be a huge fan, that is before I realized that there was so much cruelty behind my savory pleasure.

Cypriots are so proud of hallumi. It’s a national treasure! Of course the rest of the world is also hooked on that rich tasting, salty, cheese delight.

At the beginning of my vegan journey (I went vegan, cold turkey), the toughest part was to fight my urges for cheese! I’m sure that is true for many vegans as well. Cheese is addictive and that can explain why for so many of us, it has been a straggle to give up.

Cheese contains  casomorphins, which are derived from the digestion of casein, a milk protein. Casomorphins tend to work as a mild drug which leads to a euphoric effect. Discontinuing cheese consumption can be really hard for some people, as it has a similar effect to that of sugar.

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There have been many studies to support this but we will get back to that in another article. For now, let’s just focus on the good news!

I have been craving hallumi for a really long time and was hoping someone would come up with the vegan equivalent! There are many vegan cheese substitutes out there at the moment, even vegan feta. Some of them I feel are truly satisfying and the taste is really close to traditional cheese.  But vegan hallumi??

vegan hallumi

Vegan Hallumi To Launch In The UK In Mid August

The very popular Greek dairy free brand, Violife, will possibly release vegan hallumi in the UK by mid August.  The company which held a stand at the Just V show in London informed it’s customers that vegan hallumi will be available in Sainsbury’s stores in mid August!

This is probably the best vegan food news I’ve heard in a really long time! Viva vegan hallumi! I know that, just like me, a lot of you have been anticipating the launching of vegan hallumi. I really hopes it lives up to our expectations!

If any of you got to taste or try it at the show, let me know if it does indeed resemble the taste of traditional hallumi!

The rest of us will just have to wait a while longer. Oh my gosh, should I just camp outside of Sainsbury’s?? ♥


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