How Watching ‘Earthlings’ Can Change You Forever by AlexOnFruits

How Watching ‘Earthlings’ Can Change You Forever by AlexOnFruits
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Savvy Maria

Savvy Maria

A teacher living in Cyprus trying to spread the vegan message and make the world a better place for human and non-human animals. Nutrition enthusiast, vegan foodie, panda obsessed & crazy dog lover
Savvy Maria


Earthlings, a vegan documentary that focuses on ethics, is a powerful tool for opening people’s eyes to the horrors that animals face. It has been credited many times for being the reason someone went vegan. Why? I’ll tell you.

For a little over ninety minutes you have seen the torture, abuse, and killing that animals are subjected to. Through the five categories of pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and science, you have seen the worst things imaginable happen to some of the most innocent beings on Earth. All of the suffering brands your soul; you can never forget. Especially when you realize the reasons that we treat animals this way is frivolous.

Covering all aspects of animal cruelty


As far as the pet category goes, we can find humane ways to deal with the overcrowding of animals without a home besides killing them. On to the food category, we don’t have to eat animal products. In fact, we’d be healthier without eating them. There are vegan versions of anything you could imagine. As far as the whole foods approach to diet goes, there are over eighty-thousand edible plants!

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We can find things to wear that don’t involve killing sentient beings; that answers the clothing category. Entertainment that needlessly harms an animal is not entertainment. We have services like Netflix where we can watch animals in their natural habitats not being harmed. We don’t need to go to SeaWorld or to the zoo where animals are caged.

Last but not least, science uses animals unnecessarily. So many times you’ll hear about studies concerning cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. Most likely you’ll hear that a certain food or activity increased the risk of cancer by a certain percentage. Only that the test subjects were rats or mice. First of all, consider the fact that these animal studies are unsuccessful when applied to humans. Secondly, consider the fact that we have the technological means to test things on human cells through chips and other advancements. Doesn’t it make you wonder why we still continue this ineffective, outdated, and vicious model?

Watching ‘Earthlings’ Can Change You Forever

When you combine the cruelty and the needlessness of the treatment that animals face, you see the world the way a vegan does. Someone who has just watched Earthlings thinks about how much they contributed to the torture. They feel guilty, depressed, angry, and are most likely crying. But, as I mentioned before, you never forget. You go on with your day and your life, only now you can see the suffering.

It may be that you hear someone talking about buying a bred dog when they could go to a shelter and save a life. Maybe you go out with your friends to eat and they order burgers. It could be as simple as seeing someone wearing a leather jacket. You could be asked if you want to go on a family trip to a place of animal exploitation. You might be
at a friend’s house when you see the products they use, and realize their products were all tested on animals.

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Earthlings brands your soul for life! That’s why it is so powerful in helping people to go vegan.

Alex On Fruits Bio

Alex on Fruits is a vegan blogger and activist. Alex has been vegan since 2007 and stands up against any and all injustice to any and all beings. Alex’s activism is through many mediums; social media influencing, web development, and web design.

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Watch Earthlings for free Online

Change your perspective on animal cruelty forever. Help your family and friends open their eyes to the truth and go vegan. Follow the link and watch Earthlings documentary for free online:

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Leslie Austin

This is also a way one person can plant a seed in thousands of people or even hundreds of thousands of people. Please read the article but also the important further information in the comments and replies to comments; 


I wonder if the footage in Earthlings is outdated. It’s over 10 years now. What happens in another 5-10 years and that will be considered very outdated and have less of an impact on the message it is trying to give. Not that it would be any better to redo an updated documentary only to see if it’s the same or any better now. Of course something getting killed will never be pretty.